The Giant Speaks

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my new Blog, “The Giant Speaks”. If you are wondering about the name, let me explain by telling you a little about myself.

Thirty-six years ago, my parents picked me out of all the others in my litter. I was a month early but I grew, and I grew fast. I gained a vertical height of 6’7” and I continue to grow, only now its horizontally. Being six and half feet tall is not the tallest out there–lord knows I have met plenty of people who are taller than myself. But in my little section of the world, I tend to be the tallest person my friends hang out with.

Those who know me, know that I like to talk, and that I enjoy telling my stories. So, what better job to have than cohosting a Podcast, “Life From The Well”, where I get to talk to my friends and interview people about an industry that I have been a part of for over a decade? And to write a Blog that follows along with said Podcast?!

For those of you out there who do not yet know me, here I am. My name is Peter Tobin; I am 36yrs of age and I have lived my life in the Pacific North West, famously moonlighting as that Sasquatch from the grainy old film footage recorded 30+ years ago. I love this region of our country so much. The fact that you can head in almost any direction and within an hour you are out in the woods. That is one of my favorite things about the NW. I mean…It’s always raining and grey. You shouldn’t visit and definitely not move here!

From the age of 23 I have worked in the service industry, holding several jobs, but loving bartending and serving the most. When I first started, I was a part time bartender, learning on the fly and constantly reading from “Mr. Boston: Bartender’s Guide”. You see kids, in my day we didn’t have “smart phones” to look up drink recipes. We had to use something called a “book”. Thankfully, most nights it was slow and my regulars helped me with my drink education. They even taught me how to pronounce some of the bottles of liquor. A story that you will hear in our first episode.

In my time in the service industry I have worked in fine dining, dive bars, and everything in between. The older I have gotten the more I appreciate the fine dining style better. I can actually hear the people talking to me.

Throughout this Podcast we, Joey and myself, will be sharing with all of you some of our favorite stories from our time in the industry. As well as providing a platform for others to share their stories. So please Join us on this adventure into a “Life From The Well”.

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