Notes from the team!

047 – Return Of The Sazerac

Sit back and reminisce with Joey, while he dives deeper into the history of the Sazerac.

046 – Joey Seasonal Update

Joey gives a quick update as we have been on a seasonal break. Lots of new things to come!

045 – B Sides with Josh & Kyton

Josh & Kyton have a lot of thoughts on aliens, much to Joey’s enjoyment.

044 Shane Merriam – Boulevardier

Good things are happening in Texas! Shane, from Garrison Brothers joins us for bourbon talk, Mila Kunis and devils cut, brown paper bags vs red cups, serving Madonna, Shaq...

043 Emily Driscoll – Chartreuse Swizzle

Bartender Emily joins us from Pittsburgh to talk about giving back during the holidays, as well as: bartender arms that rival a 40 year old virgins, how Lizzo induces...

042 Antonio Lumbrazo – Old Fashioned

Windy city native, Tony joins us to talk about his experiences as a long time bartender, with fun stories and wisdom to impart. Joey and Tony also talk shop...